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Welcome to this survey enabling data collection for learning from ex-post evaluations
This survey is being conducted by the Infrastructure Design and Management Section of Delft University of Technology and it is distributed within the BouwRegie Netwerk (BRN). The result of this survey will contribute to the research on capturing the experiences gained in the management of infrastructure and construction projects (including real estate & area development). The overarching aim of this survey is to get insight into the profession of project management to further identify the potential opportunities for improvement in various project management areas in all phases of projects with a particular focus on the early project phases (called front end development phase in this survey). 
Value for your company
The results of this study can be used by practitioners in order to evaluate their projects. We might also use the result of this survey for cross-industry knowledge sharing. This includes projects in infrastructure and construction sectors outside the BRN as well as projects in process industry. In addition, this research can provide some directions and recommendations for future projects contributing to improved project performance.
Instruction for this survey
Please consider your last completed project while answering the survey. At the start of the survey, a question is asked whether you were involved only during the front end development phase (including scope development, plans for area development) or whether you were involved also during the execution phase. After answering this question you are directed to the questions that fit your situation.
If you were only involved in the front end development phase:
In this case, the survey is structured in seven sections:
Section 1. Project characteristics
Section 2. People and organization
Section 3. Front end development
Section 4. Control and management
Section 5. Project (front end development) results
Section 6. Company profile
Section 7. Personal profile
If you were involved both the front end development phase and execution:  
In this case, the survey has an additional section about Execution and operation.
The full survey will take about an hour to complete. You can choose to interrupt the survey by simply closing the internet page. To continue, please reopen the link in the e-mail (using the same computer and same browser since cookies are used to restore the link to your data). While filling in the survey, you can use the "next" and "previous" buttons of this application to navigate to previous answers (lower corner left). Please do not use your web browser to navigate between the different pages. Data is stored as soon as you progress to the next page.  
Confidentiality of data
No company name, nor any respondent’s name will explicitly be asked for. All results will be analyzed anonymously and future publications regarding this research will never make any project data, company or person traceable.
Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation in this research.
Hans Bakker, Marian Bosch-Rekveldt, Marcel Hertogh, Maedeh Molaei
Infrastructure Design and Management Department
If you have any questions about this survey, please email